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4big unification supports
Unified image of the support:
That a unified brand image and decoration Style.
Unified management support:
That is unified "choees" franchise management system and marketing training.
Unified service support:
That a unified service processes, operating specifications, price, service.
Unified advocacy support:
That a unified company endorsement publicity, branding, franchise information, product promotion.
Low cost, high repayment
Low cost to join:
All franchise fee to join a unified deposit 10,000 yuan. Assessed and additional equipment is not rigid.
High return on investment:
High value-added products provide a great deal of profit margins and prospects for development.
Unique product and other
Strong consumer demand:
Rich themes and unique products and personalized products designed to win consumers.
Fast cash flow:
Very limited supply of high-end products to meet the cash transactions and cash flow needs.
Scientific Advertising:
Headquarters to support the brand and product advertising will promote the sale to reduce operational risks.
Strong R & D capabilities:
To ensure adequate supply, the effect of popular and good brand recognition.
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