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Join conditions

What are the requirements to join the North Corot? Eight conditions to tell you to tell!

  • 01All those interested in high-end watch business enterprises and individuals can apply to join "Corot North" brand experience center, both franchises.
  • 02The applicant must possess the necessary financial and operational strength. Understand the local market, business environment, consumer groups and consumer habits.
  • 03Respect and recognition, "Chroees" brand franchise chain business model and management system.
  • 04Maintain a good brand awareness, certain management capabilities, to manage and operate the store independently.
  • 05Chosen place of business in the city central business district to the flow of people and more locations.
  • 06Franchise to operate independently and conceited business losses, independent accounting, business management and in the image based on the guidance received.
  • 07Store area of ​​not less than 30 square meters. Joined margin to 10,000 yuan.
  • 08Currently, the only population of 800 million or more of the city to open sets of franchise brand experience center.
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