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Join Process

Just11steps, you can join us.

  • 1、understand the "Corot North" brand and products, and have joined the familiar conditions, by: phone, Qin Fang, telephone, mail, etc. to join the consultation.
  • 2、Analysis of pros and cons of joining, the calculation of operating costs, to identify the ideal shop, camera and transmitted to headquarters.
  • 3、Submit an application to join the basic information and shop location.
  • 4、Preliminary assessment of the company headquarters to make an appointment to discuss franchisee.
  • 5、Company approved, the two sides signed "" Corot North "co-brand franchise agreement."
  • 6、Sent study and provide a unified corporate image of the store design
  • 7、Store renovation, recruitment and training.
  • 8、Shop renovation completed, the headquarters inspection.
  • 9、Ordering of goods, distribution, shelving, business guide.
  • 10、New store grand opening, advertising and headquarters supported by advertising.
  • 11、After the opening of operational support.
High-end watch business model, Corot Northrop distinguished qua
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